3 Common Dryer Problems And How To Troubleshoot Them Yourself

Posted on: 29 June 2015

Having a clothes dryer is a great convenience, but it's one that people often take for granted until they run into trouble. Few things are more frustrating than throwing a load of wet laundry into the dryer, only to return in 30 minutes and have them still be wet. If you're experiencing issues with your clothes dryer, read on to learn how to troubleshoot a few of the most common mechanical problems.
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3 Signs That Your Central Air Conditioner Needs To Be Recharged

Posted on: 19 June 2015

When your central air conditioner is not keeping your house cool enough in the summer, it could be due to a shortage of coolant in the system. A shortage of coolant will prevent the system from cooling the air enough and fixing this problem usually requires getting an AC recharging. Here are three signs that your system may need to be recharged: The Air Blows As Normal, But Isn't Cold
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Why You Should Repair Your Appliances Instead Of Replacing Them

Posted on: 17 June 2015

Is your refrigerator warmer than your oven? Are your clothes coming out of the washing machine dripping wet, instead of spun dry? If you've been considering replacing your failing appliances with new ones, here are some reasons to consider repairing them instead: Keep the unified look of your kitchen: You probably spent a long time trying to find an appliance that not only fit into your kitchen but was attractive as well.
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The Deliberate Cleaning Approach Helps Prevent Microwave Over Short-Circuiting

Posted on: 11 June 2015

If you didn't cover up those leftovers before putting them in the microwave, the popping sounds of grease and fat exploding means the inside of the appliance is getting splattered. Putting off cleaning the microwave means the interior is going to be loaded with caked and dried grease. When you do clean the microwave, do so carefully. You do not want water entering the perforated metal grid because the interior circuits will end up damaged.
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